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2020 Research Fellowship Grant Round open

Healthway’s 2020 Research Fellowship Grant round is now open. Potential applicants can apply for a Postdoctoral Early or Senior Career Research Fellowship for up to three years to undertake their project.

We are seeking applications for innovative, sophisticated and rigorous projects that can demonstrate an ability to influence health promotion policy and practice in WA.

Before applying, please read the Research Fellowship guidelines and contact the Health Promotion and Research Team to discuss your proposal prior to submission on 133 777 or email Applications close 5pm, Friday 29 May.

2020 Winter Healthy Sporting Club Program

Healthway’s 2020 Winter Healthy Sporting Club Program is now closed.

Up to $4,000 in funding is available to Western Australian community sporting clubs to help increase healthy food and drink options at your club run canteen, kiosk or food service. To be eligible to apply in this funding round, clubs must be competing in a recognised winter 2020 sporting competition.

With the support of the WA School Canteen Association, we will help your sport club achieve the following:

  • increase healthy food and drink options at club run canteens, kiosks or food services 
  • reduce sugary drinks sold at a club run canteen, kiosk or food service 
  • reduce the promotion of unhealthy messages or brands
  • improve club member awareness of healthy eating choices
  • educate and up-skill canteen managers and staff in offering healthy food and drinks in community sporting venues.

Through the program, the WA School Canteen Association will provide free training and work with clubs across the season to prepare healthier menus.

For details on how to apply download the Healthy Sporting Club Program Application Guidelines, and preview the example budget.

For more information or to discuss your club’s application please contact Healthway on 133 777. Applications closed 12noon, Friday 13 March 2020.

Read Minister Roger Cook’s and Minister Mick Murray’s media statement.

Malaga gymnasts’ high performers in the health space

West Coast Gymnasts Inc. Go for 2&5 Gold Plate award winners. Image supplied by Gymnastics WA

West Coast Gymnasts Inc. in Malaga was recognised as a healthy gymnastic club at the annual State Sporting Association awards night held this month.

West Coast Gymnasts received the Go for 2&5 Healthy Club Program and Gold Plate Award at the 2020 Gymnastics WA Awards Night on Saturday 8 February.

The program, developed by Healthway and Gymnastics WA, aims to encourage clubs to improve the health and wellbeing of gym members and their community by providing healthy food and drink options.

The winners were selected for reducing sugary foods and drinks on display and promoting better choices to increase healthy eating amongst gymnasts and their families. 

The club also ran a ‘Two-ty Fruity’ colouring competition, created a vibrant fruit-themed junior gym, and children are encouraged to share fruit with their friends at the end of class.

Healthway CEO Susan Hunt PSM said that Healthway and Gymnastics WA work together to promote the Go for 2&5 health message amongst clubs.

“Gymnastics is great activity for all, no matter the skill, age or ability level, and attracts many young children, teaching them active and healthy habits for a lifetime,” Ms Hunt said.

Gymnastics WA Acting Executive Director Karyn Murray said Gymnastics WA acknowledges its role in promoting healthy lifestyles.

“Through our partnership we have been able to actively promote through our clubs the importance of healthy eating to create healthy environments for children,” Mrs Murray said.

West Coast Gymnasts Inc. received $300 and the coveted Gold Plate Award. This is the third year that the Go for 2&5 Healthy Club Program and Gold Plate Award has been running.

$1.6 million in funding towards mentally healthy arts programs

The McGowan Government will provide $1.6 million in the latest round of health grants to 15 arts organisations across the State to help promote mental health and wellbeing within annual arts programs.

The funding will help promote and integrate the Act-Belong-Commit health message through the programs to increase awareness for children, young people and families on how to maintain good mental health. More.

Pony club in Woodridge and Albany a healthy breed

Pony Club WA’s Race Around the State Competition winners: Woodridge Horse and Pony Club. Image credit: ELP Eric Lloyd Photography

Woodridge Horse and Pony Club and Albany Pony Club have taken out top honours in a competition encouraging healthy lifestyles at pony clubs across the state.

Woodridge Horse and Pony Club was recognised for winning the Pony Club WA’s Race Around the State, a competition where ‘kilometres’ were earnt each time healthy changes were made to a club.

Albany Pony Club was also recognised for winning the Go for 2&5 Canteen Competition, where clubs had to demonstrate how they implemented, and will maintain their new and improved healthy menus.

Healthway CEO Susan Hunt PSM said that Healthway and the Pony Club WA have enjoyed a long-term partnership to promote the benefits of eating plenty of fruit and vegetables every day to members.

“These competitions are fantastic ways to inform clubs about how to have a healthy lifestyle, while motivating them to create healthier environments for children and young people,” Ms Hunt said.

Pony Club WA CEO Trudi Hall said the club understands and recognises the importance of good nutrition and the role it plays in the maintenance of good health and wellbeing.

“We have recognised our winners at our annual awards night held on the weekend, as we believe healthy club achievements are just as important as rider achievements,” Ms Hall said.

“Through our partnership with Healthway we have been able to think outside the box to actively promote the Go for 2&5 health message to our regional clubs.”

The Race Around the State winner won Go for 2&5 branded horse jumps, while the Go for 2&5 Canteen Competition winner won Go for 2&5 merchandise and a $250 supermarket gift card.

Pony Club WA has 57 affiliated pony clubs throughout the state and is one of the few state sporting associations with more than 50% of members living in regional areas.

Lower Great Southern hockey clubs a picture of health

Smarter Than Smoking Lower Great Southern Hockey Association. Image supplied Hockey WA

The Lower Great Southern Hockey Association is one of three regional hockey associations that have taken out top honours in a regional competition encouraging good health at hockey clubs.

The Lower Great Southern Hockey Association competed against 26 regional associations and clubs to be recognised as first place winners in the ‘Hockey for Health’ Club Competition.

The Upper Great Southern Hockey Association received second place and the Busselton Hockey Association received third place.

The competition, developed by Healthway and Hockey WA, aims to encourage clubs to improve the health and wellbeing of hockey members and their community by providing healthy sporting environments.

The winners were recognised for providing healthy food and drink options and smoke- free facilities at events and carnivals, as well as raising awareness about how to live healthy lifestyles.

Healthway CEO Susan Hunt PSM said that through a two-year partnership with Hockey WA, Healthway was promoting the Smarter than Smoking message amongst clubs and also promoting good health.

“Hockey is a great community-based sport with thousands of players around WA. To encourage healthy hockey environments at venues, for participants and for spectators makes great sense,” Ms Hunt said.

Hockey of WA CEO Stu Gilsenan said that the winners scored the most points against certain criteria like strategic goals and direction, code of conduct and health policies.

“We also reviewed the overall performance of the clubs involved and the Lower Great Southern Hockey Association excelled in all aspects,” Mr Gilsenan said.

“We are looking forward to expanding the Hockey for Health Club Competition to metropolitan hockey clubs this year.”

The Lower Great Southern Hockey Association received a small grant of $1,000, Hockey Australia signed merchandise, and training for canteen staff on creating healthy canteens.

Perth musos catch a break

The atmosphere never falls flat during a Catch Music session.

For more than a decade the organisation uses music to connect people with a disability with skilled musicians.

Catch Music hosts nine metropolitan ‘jamming sessions’, and one in a regional area, with hundreds of participants benefitting.

“These sessions are open to people of all ages and all abilities,” Catch Music coordinator Eduardo Cossio said.

The sessions feature a range of talented musicians who make sure everyone involved, no matter their level of skill or ability, get on stage and have a go.

“It’s always a social night, people have fun, and having a lot of people here gives it a really positive atmosphere,” Mr Cossio said.

“Social barriers are lowered when our participants play together.

“The bands gig regularly, almost every weekend, and this gives everyone a focus and purpose.”

Healthway and Lotterywest grants totalling more than $48,000 have been provided to Catch Music to promote the Act-Belong-Commit health message to participants, and rebuild its website to make it easier for those keen to get involved.

Healthway and Lotterywest CEO Susan Hunt PSM said that Catch Music was a wonderful not-for-profit organisation connecting people from all walks of life pursue their love of music.

“The jamming sessions give participants something to work towards, improves playing ability, and is a fantastic way to meet new people and form supportive friendships,” Ms Hunt said.

For more information about Catch Music click here.

Fact File:

  • In 2019, $6,500 in Lotterywest funding was provided towards the website
  • In 2019, $41,800 in Healthway funding was provided to promote the Act-Belong-Commit message at Catch Music events.

Tackling childhood obesity one superhero at a time

Gymnastics WA’s Gymsquad and Foodbank WA’s Superhero Foods characters have joined forces to launch a new educational initiative to make everyday foods like fruit and vegetables the superheroes in children’s diets.

Healthway Chief Executive Officer Susan Hunt PSM said the innovative project supported by Healthway sees Gymnastics WA and Foodbank WA working together to teach children the benefits of healthy lifestyles and provides fun resources and recipes to encourage and engage children and their families in healthy eating.

“While 44% of children aged 5-15 years reach the recommended levels of physical activity, only 5.3% of Western Australian children are meeting the recommended daily serve of fruit and vegetables,” Ms Hunt said.

“Childhood obesity continues to be a major public health issue, so these sorts of projects are vital.”

Overweight and obese children are also more likely to become obese adults and develop chronic conditions at younger ages, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Currently, the State Government, through Healthway, provides Gymnastics WA $260,000 over two years to promote the Go for 2&5 healthy eating message throughout its clubs. During 2016 and 2017, Healthway provided Foodbank more than $200,000 to deliver a range of educational resources.

Gymnastics WA Executive Director Ruth Gibbons said it was important for the club to work with Healthway and Foodbank WA to take a more holistic and proactive approach towards health by also making a difference to the eating habits of our children.

“I look forward to children making fruit and vegetables the supehero part of their diet,” Ms Gibbons said.

Foodbank WA Chief Executive Officer Greg Hebble said eating more fruit and vegetables is one of the most important dietary changes needed to improve health and reduce the risk of disease in children

“The recipe cards creatively engage children in increasing knowledge, attitude and skills towards healthy food and cooking,” Mr Hebble said.

To view the recipe cards visit and for further Superhero Foods recipes and resources visit


Healthway and LiveLighter seminar

On Monday, 30 April, Healthway and LiveLighter hosted a seminar on Food Environments – Local, National and Global Perspectives.

This special session featured three expert speakers, Kirsten Corben from VicHealth, Dr Kathy Chapman Public Health Consultant, and Professor Rob Moodie from the University of Melbourne.

Kirsten Corben presented on strategies to decrease the availability of sugary drinks in healthcare and community settings.

Dr Kathy Chapman presented on children’s exposure to junk food marketing and actions that can be taken at the local level.

Professor Rob Moodie presented on how supranational corporations are affecting our health.

Watch the two hour session here.