Promote healthy eating

We partner with funded organisations to promote good nutrition and support programs which encourage healthy eating.

The environment we live in impacts what we eat, from the availability of affordable fresh fruit and vegetables and access to unhealthy foods and drinks, to time pressures and cultural norms.

We know that often the healthiest choice is not always an easy choice.

We have a significant partnership with the Western Australian School Canteen Association Inc. to support our funded organisations to create healthier food and drink environments through the Fuel to Go & Play program. 

We work in partnership to: 

  • Create environments that promote and increase access to healthy food and drinks and reduce the provision of unhealthy food and drinks.
  • Reduce exposure to the marketing and promotion of unhealthy food and drink, particularly to
    children and young people.
  • Increase knowledge and self-efficacy to motivate behaviour change and increase healthy eating
  • Advocate to create health promoting, environmentally sustainable food systems that
    ensure quality, affordable food is available and accessible for all.

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Swim for Fruit Program. Image provided by Royal Life Saving WA


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