Promote mental wellbeing

A critical part of overall health and wellbeing is mental health, which enables individuals to maximise their life potential and strengthens social functioning for all.

We are committed to improving the mental health and wellbeing of Western Australians.

Having social connections, good personal relationships and being part of a community are vital to maintaining mental health.

The right foundations for mental wellbeing must be built wherever people live, learn, work and play.

Preventing mental ill-health and promoting mental health can be complex, requiring community-wide strategies as well as strategies targeted to groups known to be at increased risk.

We are working with others to:

  • Create environments that encourage protective factors for high mental wellbeing and reduce the risk factors for low mental wellbeing
  • Increase knowledge, awareness, and positive attitudes on the importance of mental wellbeing
  • Enable all members of society to feel confident to protect and improve their own and others’ mental wellbeing
  • Support initiatives that increase opportunities that provide mental health benefits through social inclusion and participation.
  • Relevant documents and information

Image provided by Tura New Music. Regional Program in Fitzroy Crossing promoting the Act Belong Commit mental health message.