New Draft Guidelines for Consultation

Public comment on the new Healthy Partnership Program funding guidelines is now closed. Should you have any queries about the guidelines, please contact Healthway on 133 777.

As part of our 30th anniversary, we are releasing new ‘Healthy Partnership Guidelines’ which will place health promotion outcomes at the centre of our application process.

The draft guidelines for up to $5,000 will need to meet new criteria that supports the creation of healthy environments.

The draft guidelines for over $5,000 for all sport, arts, racing and community events, will need a health promotion plan to be submitted as part your application. 

Healthway has developed a Best Practice Guide  and Health Promotion Plan templates to assist.

There are no planned changes to the eligibility of organisations for Healthway funding, and no changes to those currently receiving funding. If you’re currently in the process of applying for a grant, current funding guidelines are still in place. 

Following the consultation process the new guidelines will be finalised and formally released later in the year. Until then, all applicants should use the existing guidelines for funding available on our website.


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