We want to thank our partners for their impressive approach to adapting and delivering a range of innovative programs and strategies during COVID-19 to support the Western Australian community.

Our COVID-19 Resource Hub contains links to online health promotion activities and resources to support your health and wellbeing.

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We’re currently providing support and advice to our funded organisations about alternative ways of achieving their outcomes and honouring existing commitments throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the options we’re offering funded organisations include variations to funding agreements and flexible options to cancel or postpone events, programs, and reporting timeframes.

For any new applications, we will prioritise funding to initiatives that are best suited to the current environment. It will be a condition of any new funding that any activities undertaken will not contravene government measures relating to COVID-19 including those relating to physical distancing.

Our team is striving to respond to all questions by email or phone in a timely manner. Priority will be given to funded organisations that have events and projects with time-critical deadlines. While we may not be able to get back to you straight away, we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

The Healthway office is continuing its important work in supporting you. Should staff work remotely, priority will be given to continuing the flow of grant funding payments. Other grant-related issues will be addressed when it is practical to do so. We will keep you informed.

We’re following the advice of the Government in guiding our work. Information published by the Chief Medical Officer is available on the Department of Health’s website. This reliable information is updated regularly.

We have established additional considerations for assessing new applications to ensure our funding is prioritised for initiatives that support our priority health issues and are best suited to the current COVID-19 environment.

Our application assessment processes will consider the following:

  • Government measures – If successful, a condition of funding will be that any activities undertaken will not contravene Government measures relating to COVID-19, including those relating to physical distancing.
  • Practicality – We remain committed to funding activities that can be reasonably implemented in the current COVID-19 environment. If it is not practical to fund activities at this time you can still apply now for a project to occur at a later time.
  • Timing – We’ll consider how time imperative your request for funding is or if it may be deferred until a later date. This will assist us in managing our funds at this time.
  • Community benefit and alignment to our priority areas – We’re committed to Western Australians being more active and living a healthier lifestyle, and we’ll continue to fund projects on that basis. We’re also maintaining our focus on target groups and priority health issues, including mental and physical health as outlined in our strategic plan, Active Healthy People: 2018-2023.

Where practical, we’ll consider the option to defer grants that aren’t considered a high priority at this time. Deferred applications will be considered by the Healthway Board at a later date. If your application is deferred, we’ll inform you of this in writing, and discuss with you when your application is likely to be re-assessed. 

We’re still taking applications and encourage you to apply for funding well in advance. If
successful, you’ll be provided with confirmation of funding, however grant monies won’t be paid until two months prior to the planned commencement date of your project. This will help in managing the funds if your planned initiative cannot proceed due to circumstances outside your control. Should the approved grant not proceed, we’ll contact you and discuss options to cancel, modify or defer your grant.

In addition to the information provided in our funding guidelines, before you apply, we encourage you to consider the following questions:

  • Is the initiative for funding support likely to proceed under the current COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Does the initiative align with Healthway’s priorities and offer good community benefit in the current COVID-19 environment?
  • Is the time frame for the implementation of your initiative realistic in the current COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Is the funding of this initiative critical at this time, or can it wait until after COVID-19 restrictions are fully lifted?


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