Our policies

Our policies guide our work and are aligned with our vision of building a healthy Western Australia.  

Policy position: Minimum Health Requirements

This policy outlines our minimum health requirements for all our funded organisations as conditions of funding. 

Policy position: Healthy Food and Drink Provision within Healthway Partnerships

This policy outlines our approach to healthy food and drinks within our Partnership Program.

Policy position: Co-sponsorship

This policy outlines our approach to reduce the promotion of unhealthy brands and minimise the risk that Healthway’s health promotion objectives will be undermined by the presence of other sponsors.

The Co-sponsorship guideline provides additional information regarding the co-sponsorship of unhealthy brands. The guideline should be read in conjunction with the Co-sponsorship policy. 

Policy position: Educational Settings

This policy outlines our approach to assessing applications from, or that take place in educational settings.

Policy position: Religious Organisations and Events

This policy outlines our approach to providing funding to religious organisations or for events and activities. 

Policy position: Smoking in the Arts

This policy outlines our approach regarding grant funding, and the portrayal of smoking in arts productions.

Policy position: Tobacco company involvement

This policy outlines Healthway’s approach to contractual obligations with companies or organisations which may be involved with the tobacco industry.


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