Healthy Partnerships FAQs

Eligible organisations are defined as:

  • Sporting organisations involved in a recognised sport or active recreation that can deliver health promotion outcomes

  • Arts organisations involved in arts and cultural programs or activities that can deliver health promotion outcomes

  • Racing organisations involved in motor car or motorcycle racing that can deliver health promotion outcomes

  • Community organisations delivering health promotion outcomes through sport, recreation, arts, cultural, or racing programs, activities or facilities.

  • Camps, conferences, uniforms and club owned playing equipment
  • One-off events which are defined as typically single occasion activities occurring over one day or a few consecutive days
  • Capital works, equipment, fundraising, purchase of infrastructure or costs associated with running an organisation
  • Boxing or any activity that allows the deliberate targeting of the head within the rules
  • The advancement or promotion of a religion or religious outlook or the recruitment of people to a religion
  • The advancement or promotion of a political organisation or political outlook
  • Overseas/interstate travel and tours, or activity occurring outside WA
  • School activities that form part of the core curriculum and activities organised by school P&Cs
  • Auspiced funding arrangements.

For requests up to $5,000, organisations are required to agree to Healthway’s Conditions of Funding. A Conditions of Funding document that has been signed by the person(s) legally able to enter contracts must be submitted with your request.

For requests over $5,000, organisations are required to legally execute a Partnership Program Agreement that formally describes the responsibilities of the recipient of any funding from Healthway. If your request is successful, this process will be detailed for you in the Letter of Offer that will be send out. Please review the Agreement on our website.

Organisations may apply by completing the Healthy Partnerships Funding request form available from the Lotterywest Healthway Grants Portal.

The Healthy Partnership Team are available to provide support through the request process. Please call 133 777 if you require assistance.

Healthway Conditions of Funding, Letter of Offer, Agreements, and acquittal documentation must be signed by the persons legally able to enter into contracts on behalf of your organisation. We refer to them as the legal signatories. Where your organisation is an incorporated association, this document must be signed by the organisation’s Chairperson/President and another committee member. Where your organisation is a company/corporation, this document is signed in accordance with section 127 of the Corporations Act 2001 or section 99.5 of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (whichever is applicable) by:

(a) two Directors; or

(b) a Director and a Company Secretary; or

(c) as our company/corporation has only one Director, that Director.

Your organisation’s legal signatory may choose to give this responsibility to someone else within your organisation – we refer to this person as the ‘Delegated Authority’. If this is the case for your organisation, you must complete the Delegated Authority for Healthway and/or Lotterywest grants form. You only need to complete this form once and it will remain on our records for future funding applications. If your legal signatory or ‘Delegated Authority’ changes, you will need to complete this form again.

  • Generally, we will not provide organisations with more than one partnership per year
  • Applicants seeking support for multiple programs should plan ahead and include all activities in a request for an annual partnership
  • In exceptional circumstances where an organisation might run two very different types of activities, for example, a community program and an elite championship, more than one application in a 12-month period may be considered.

All requests are assessed by Healthway staff and recommendations are approved by the Board and Minister for Health.

  • Request decisions can take around five months, though some decisions can take longer.
  • Please allow sufficient time for planning and preparation of your project, as inadequate lead-time may reduce the chances of your request being successful.

Following the assessment and approval processes, we will notify you of the outcome of your request. 

For grant funding up to $5,000: If successful, we will send you an Approval Letter to confirm the funded amount and the health promotion message.

For grant funding over $5,000: If successful, we will send you a Letter of Offer detailing the funding and the next steps required to commence your project.

Your organisation must be willing to execute a Partnership Program Agreement that formally describes the responsibilities of the recipient of any funding from Healthway. Please review the Agreement on our website.

  • All funding is paid through an electronic funds transfer to the bank account provided in your request. Please ensure that the account details are always kept up to date.
  • Generally, for grant funding up to $5,000 the full amount will be paid once the grant is approved as long as there are no outstanding requirements.
  • For grant funding over $5,000, the monies will be paid in accordance with a milestone payment schedule which is included in the Agreement. The first payment will be subject to any outstanding requirements. Further payments are then made on the satisfactory completion of stated milestones.

Unsuccessful requests are encouraged to contact Healthway Partnerships Team members for feedback. We may be able to work with you to develop your next grant request.

Yes. The request should be made in writing within 60 business days of receiving formal advice of the funding decision to the attention of the Executive Director, Healthway and signed by your organisation’s legal signatory(ies) or authorised delegate. Please include the reason for the review. We will advise you of the outcome as soon as possible but no later than 60 business days of the date of your formal request. 

A request for review will not impact the consideration of any future grant requests.