Malaga gymnasts’ high performers in the health space

West Coast Gymnasts Inc. Go for 2&5 Gold Plate award winners. Image supplied by Gymnastics WA

West Coast Gymnasts Inc. in Malaga was recognised as a healthy gymnastic club at the annual State Sporting Association awards night held this month.

West Coast Gymnasts received the Go for 2&5 Healthy Club Program and Gold Plate Award at the 2020 Gymnastics WA Awards Night on Saturday 8 February.

The program, developed by Healthway and Gymnastics WA, aims to encourage clubs to improve the health and wellbeing of gym members and their community by providing healthy food and drink options.

The winners were selected for reducing sugary foods and drinks on display and promoting better choices to increase healthy eating amongst gymnasts and their families. 

The club also ran a ‘Two-ty Fruity’ colouring competition, created a vibrant fruit-themed junior gym, and children are encouraged to share fruit with their friends at the end of class.

Healthway CEO Susan Hunt PSM said that Healthway and Gymnastics WA work together to promote the Go for 2&5 health message amongst clubs.

“Gymnastics is great activity for all, no matter the skill, age or ability level, and attracts many young children, teaching them active and healthy habits for a lifetime,” Ms Hunt said.

Gymnastics WA Acting Executive Director Karyn Murray said Gymnastics WA acknowledges its role in promoting healthy lifestyles.

“Through our partnership we have been able to actively promote through our clubs the importance of healthy eating to create healthy environments for children,” Mrs Murray said.

West Coast Gymnasts Inc. received $300 and the coveted Gold Plate Award. This is the third year that the Go for 2&5 Healthy Club Program and Gold Plate Award has been running.


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