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Frequently Asked Questions

Lotterywest Healthway Grants Portal

Healthway and Lotterywest are launching a new Grants Management System (GMS) to provide a better experience for grant applicants by introducing the Lotterywest Healthway Grants Portal. From 31 July 2023, you’ll be able to apply for grants, track progress and manage your approved grants from one central location.

A GMS is a web-based platform that supports the management of the entire grant life cycle and allows organisations like us, to manage grants from application submission through to acquittal.

Our new GMS will bring together Lotterywest and Healthway grants management to a centralised Portal, streamlining the process for applicants. You will be able to access Lotterywest and Healthway services from a single login, where you can view a live status of your grant request as it progresses through the approval and acquittal process.

You can:

  • Request a new Lotterywest or Healthway grant.
  • Update your organisation’s details including adding governance documents, annual reports, and financial statements.
  • View your organisation’s grant history, including past and current grant requests.
  • Submit variation requests for current grants.
  • Report on your grant, including submitting progress and final acquittal reports.
  • View upcoming payments for active grants.

To use our new Portal, please note the following:

  • All grant requests must be submitted through the new Portal.  Hard copy grant requests will no longer be accepted by email.
  • All users and organisations will need to be registered prior to submitting a grant request through the Portal. 
  • Email addresses must be unique to the user and can only be registered once (e.g. or or To ensure data and user details are secure, generic email addresses such as or can no longer be accepted.
  • Once your organisation is approved, you will need to enter the portal and update all of your organisation information and attach mandatory documents prior to submitting a grant request.  Once submitted, our Customer Service Team will review and validate the organisation details.
  • You may begin drafting a grant request while your organisation details are in the process of being validated; however, you will not be able to submit a grant request until your organisation details have been validated.

As the registration and validation process may take some time, we strongly encourage users and organisations to register and update their organisation details as early as possible to avoid the risk of not being able to submit a grant request by the grant request deadline. For further guidance on the Portal please review our Grantee how-to guide.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 133 777 or

New Portal Differences

Details of your current grant will appear in the new Portal. You’ll be able to manage acquittals, submit reports and see upcoming payments.


No. Funding programs and eligibility criteria remain unchanged. The request forms will look different, however all required documentation and information will remain the same as previous grant submission processes.

Prior to submitting a funding request, you’ll need to ensure your organisation’s details are up-to-date. These details will be verified by our Customer Service team which will take up to two business days. You’ll not be able to submit a request until these details have been confirmed.

All post approval documentation will be required to be submitted through our new Portal. You will be able to provide these items in the new Portal from 31 July 2023.

Those with active grants will need to use the Portal to submit post approval documentation.

Yes. The grants development process has not changed, and you will continue to have a dedicated assessor throughout the application process.

No. The timeframe remains the same.

Applications that have not been submitted will not be migrated to the new Portal. If you’re in the process of an application, please submit it prior to the shutdown period which starts on the 16 June 2023. If you are unable to submit your application prior to the shutdown period, you can download a copy of your draft application using these instructions. From 31 July 2023, all applications will be completed and submitted in the new Portal.

New Portal Preparation

We’re committed to responding to you in a timely manner, however there may be some delays as we transition. We appreciate your patience. If you haven’t received a response within two business days, get in touch with us on 133 777.  Priority will be given to those current supported organisations, events, and projects with time-critical deadlines.


You can:

  • Apply earlier than usual if your project is fully formed.
  • Contact us if your request is time sensitive.
  • Acquit your grant prior to launch.
  • Submit any variations or extensions prior to launch.
  • Ensure the details for your legal signatory are up-to-date. To do this contact us on 133 777, or

We’ll be providing more information and resources as we get closer to launch, and guidelines and supporting documents will be available on the Portal. If you have questions prior to the launch, please contact us on 133 777, or

We can provide a copy of request forms so you can prepare your submission prior to the launch of the Portal. Once live, you’ll need to transcribe this information into the Portal to successfully submit your request.

New Portal How-to

You’ll be able to login after the Portal is launched on 31 July 2023.

  • Legal signatories for all current Lotterywest and Healthway supported organisations will be sent an email with their username and instructions on how to set up a password.
  • The contact person for recently submitted requests and active grants will also be emailed with their username and instructions on how to set up a password.
  • A new user will need to register their new organisation when the Portal launches.
  • Note: It will take up to two business days for new users to be granted access.

Yes. All previous requests will be available for viewing in the Portal.

You will no longer need to make a claim in the new Portal. If your payment is subject to conditions (e.g. provision of a progress report) you’ll need to complete the appropriate report in the Portal. Once that has been approved, your payment will be paid in the next weekly pay run.


You’ll need to register against each organisation. This means you’ll have more than one set of login details (one for each organisation).

It depends on the type of organisation and these details will be provided in the new Portal. Eligibility criteria is unchanged, and the required documents will remain the same as what’s currently required.

Yes. You can save a draft of your request. Others in your organisation will be able to view and edit the grant request within the Portal as well. You can also download a copy of your draft request.

Healthway and Lotterywest

No. Healthway and Lotterywest are co-located grant makers, each with its own legislation, governing Board and strategic objectives.

Healthway, the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation, funds sport, arts, community activities, health promotion projects and research to inspire Western Australians to live healthier lives.

Lotterywest returns all available profits from its lottery to the WA community and its grant-making focuses on five priority areas:

  • Inclusive thriving community
  • Connected cultural experiences
  • Protected sustainable ecosystems
  • Smart Innovative society
  • Active healthy people (delivered in partnership with Healthway)

No. You will be able to register and login in the same place, and upload your organisation’s information to be verified once.

It depends on what type of organisation you are. You will need to meet the eligibility requirements for each of the respective funding organisations and the relevant program you’re seeking a grant for. 

Yes. As they’re separate organisations, you can apply to both if your organisation meets the eligibility requirements.

No. Lotterywest and Healthway have separate application and assessment processes. However, our team can work with you if you intend to apply to both organisations for the same request.

As the Portal is a central system for both Lotterywest and Healthway, the information provided in your funding request can be accessed by both organisations.

No. You’ll need to apply for funding to each organisation separately, however our team will assist to simplify the process.

No. Maximum amounts are separate and depend on what type of organisation you are and which program you are applying for. Lotterywest has a minimum request amount of $3,000.


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