Frequently Asked Questions

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What will Healthway not fund?

Each program area may have specific eligibility criteria.  Please also refer to each program area for more details. However, the following will generally not be funded:

  • Organisations and their affiliates which continue to accept any form of funding from tobacco companies, or their related foundations, involved in the marketing and / or distribution of tobacco products, or the advertising of tobacco products.
  • Any activities or events where tobacco, performance-enhancing drugs, or illegal or illicit drugs are used or promoted.
  • Organisations that do not support and/or abide by relevant State and Federal legislation, as applicable; for example, in respect to Working with Children (Criminal Records Checking) and Liquor Control.
  • Organisations or proposals which do not offer opportunities for health promotion and which do not reach relevant target groups.
  • Programs which duplicate or are eligible for assistance from, or are the responsibility of State or Federal Government funding programs; however, this will not preclude cooperative ventures.
  • Applications from individuals or teams and from non-incorporated bodies.
  • Infrastructure costs associated with running an organisation (eg:  employment of core staff, equipment, uniforms).
  • Sponsorships where the main focus is on fundraising or the purchase of works of art.
    Capital works.
  • Overseas and interstate travel and tours, camps or conferences.
  • Any activity which does not occur in Western Australia or is not of direct benefit to Western Australians.
  • Equipment purchases or maintenance expenditure unless these are an integral part of a developmental or promotional program.
  • Applications which request funds for retrospective payments and for deficits.
  • Applications which support any political organisation whether state, national or international.
  • Organisations that have not fulfilled previous sponsorship obligations including appropriate evaluation and acquittal reports.
  • Applications from organisations seeking funding for activities or events that are considered religious in nature.

(See the appropriate programs funding information and applications forms for details on funding guidelines).


Does Healthway fund facilities for organisations such as play groups and  pre-primary?

Healthway does not generally fund infrastructure or capital costs of grant and sponsorship recipients.


Can I submit a sponsorship / grant application with a lead-up time of less than the current Healthway-specified lead times?

Healthway strictly adheres to requiring a three calendar month lead up time for $5,000 or less sponsorships, Health Promoting School Grants and Health Promotion Capacity Building Grants, and a four calendar month lead up time for all other applications, being from the time of receipt at Healthway to the commencement of the event or activity.


Can I purchase promotional merchandise or material such as water bottles, T shirts, hats and signage?

These items cannot be purchased directly from Healthway as they are only provided to sponsored organisations as part of fulfilling the sponsorship obligations.


Does Healthway sponsor individuals, partnerships or other unincorporated organisations?

Healthway only sponsors organisations that are incorporated organisation.  There are some exceptions that include where an organisation is covered under WA Company Law, is a WA local government or Commonwealth or WA public sector body.

Does Healthway sponsor events or activities outside of WA?

Healthway does not sponsor events or activities outside of WA as its focus is on promoting health promotion for the people of Western Australia. 


Can I apply for funding if I don’t have an ABN?

If the organisation applying for funding is incorporated and does not have an Australian Business Number (ABN), then an application to Healthway can still be made provided the organisation is not required to have an ABN, they must then complete a Statement by Supplier form and send to Healthway with their application.  This is an Australian Taxation Office form that can be located on their website at www.ato.gov.au/businesses.


Obligations in Return for Sponsorships or Grants.

As a statutory body, Healthway is subject to the provisions of the Financial Administration and Audit Act 1985.  Successful applicants are required to enter into a formal agreement with Healthway.

As part of the acquittal process all organisations receiving a sponsorship or grant from Healthway will be required to acquit their sponsorship or grant.  The acquittal process may vary depending on the type and amount of the funding but may include submitting an evaluation form, annual reports and financial statements to Healthway.

Financial Accountability

Financial reports are to be submitted, signed by the chief executive or accountable person. For amounts of more than $25,000 an audited statement is required. Healthway conducts random audits on sponsored organisations from time to time. Reporting formats for financial statements are provided by Healthway.

Delivering Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship contracts detail the negotiated sponsor benefits.  Benefits may be:

  • structural (eg:  adopting smoke-free policies prioritising healthy menus);
  • healthy participation (eg:   physical activity benefits); and
  • health message promotion (eg:  signage and naming rights).

Healthway expects the successful applicant to fulfil the agreed health promotion activities negotiated in return for sponsorship, in addition to carrying out the program as outlined in the application.  Healthway generally provides support through allocating a health agency to the sponsorship, nominated to deliver a health promotion message through a sponsored arts, sport or racing program.  Sponsored organisations are expected to support the nominated health agency to implement the negotiated sponsorship benefits.

Interim financial and final reports including the completion of an evaluation report are required as per the negotiated contract.  An evaluation report is also completed by the health agency.


Interim and final reports including the completion of a brief evaluation form are required according to the contractual arrangements.

All organisations are to evaluate their programs to assess:

  • health promotion value;
  • financial performance;
  • effectiveness of the grant or sponsorship in furthering program objectives; and
  • effectiveness of the grant or sponsorship in furthering the objectives of the organisation.
  • Reporting formats for the program evaluation are provided by Healthway.

Certified financial statements are also required annually or one month after the conclusion of the project or sponsorship.


For further information contact us and we will be happy to help.

Last modified: 2015-12-14