A bespoke performance

Picture: CircusWA participant practices circus skills

CircusWA’s latest performance premieres this week after more than 18 months in the making.

Participants in CircusWA’s, Circus? You can! program, designed specifically for children and young people living with disability, were given the opportunity to work with the company’s Academy performers to create a new production.

B’Spoke celebrates the talents and experiences of six young people living with disability and helps to support their health and wellbeing.

B’Spoke started in 2022 with a small performance at the Fremantle Town Hall but since then has continued to grow and will now be showcased at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre.

CircusWA Artistic Director Jo Smith said being part of an organisation like CircusWA not only keeps its participants physically active, but also fosters a sense of belonging and connection, all of which contribute to good mental health.

“Through performing, people can explore their own creativity and be part of something bigger . . . it’s great for confidence and self-esteem but also makes you feel good,” she said.“Our structured group activities help build resilience and contribute to the positive mental health and wellbeing of those involved.

“I haven’t seen many production companies in WA – one in fact – working with disabled artists in a production in WA, and we are the only organisation I know of in Australia that works with a mixed ability youth circus cast to create an outstanding performance led by internationally and nationally recognised artists. ” 

Healthway CEO Colin Smith said creating opportunities that support children’s mental health and wellbeing now and into the future is paramount.

“It is truly heartwarming to see participants find something they enjoy and supports them to realise their full potential through this circus program,” he said. 

B’Spoke will perform on 4-5 July at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre, presented by Act Belong Commit.


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