What’s happening at Healthway?

Welcome to Healthway’s e-news. We would like to introduce you to some new staff members who have joined Healthway in recent times and to re-acquaint you with some familiar faces on the Healthway team.

First, here’s an update on recent developments and a few that are still in the pipeline.

Healthway is governed by the provisions of the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 which also covers tobacco sales and licensing. This year, the State Government introduced the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation Bill 2015 into the WA Parliament. The proposed stand-alone Act positions Healthway’s role as being to “promote and facilitate in Western Australia good health and activities which encourage healthy lifestyles.”

The Minister for Health, the Hon. Dr Kim Hames, has appointed a Board to oversee the operations of Healthway during this transition to new legislation and governance arrangements, including the appointment of a new Board.

The current Board consists of five people led by Dr David Russell-Weisz, Director General of the Department of Health, who is also Deputy Chair of the Board. Other Board members are Mr Ron Alexander, Director General of the Department of Sport and Recreation, Ms Emma White, Director General of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support, Mr Duncan Ord, Director General of the Department of Culture and the Arts, and Ms Ricky Burges, Chief Executive Officer, WALGA.

During the year, there have also been some staff changes although you’ll find many familiar names and faces among your Healthway contacts.

Healthway staff
Corporate Executive

Maree De Lacey joined Healthway as Acting Executive Director in June. Leading a government agency is a familiar role for Maree who has over 30 years’ experience in senior positions across a wide range of organisations ranging from small, strategic regional agencies to large very complex state-wide government departments.

Dr Jo Clarkson, who joined Healthway in 2002, continues to head Healthway’s health promotion team, which has responsibility for grants, research, health promotion and evaluation support for the sponsorship program, and strategic health promotion advice across the organisation.
Bill Ongley, who is already well known to many Healthway stakeholders as Sports Program Manager, has stepped up to be Acting Director Sponsorship. In this role, Bill is responsible for the administration of Healthway’s sponsorship program which encompasses sport, racing, arts and community events and projects. This includes overseeing the application and contracting processes across all these areas and the sponsorship leveraging team which manages the health promotion aspect of Healthway’s sponsorships after they are approved by the Board.
Lina Barbato leads the Corporate Services Division and, as the Chief Finance Officer, her responsibilities include finance, organisational development, governance, contract management and information, communication and technology.

Healthway staff
Health Promotion team

Healthway’s health promotion team is led by Dr Jo Clarkson as Director, Health Promotion. The health promotion team is responsible for applications for grants for health promotion projects and for health promotion research and for administered grants once they are awarded.

Queries about any matters relating to health promotion research should be directed to Laura Hunter, Health Promotion Policy and Research Officer.

The role of overseeing applications for health promotion projects is shared by Joanne Graham-Smith and Andrea Boss. Any queries about health promotion project grants should be directed to Joanne or Andrea.

Healthway staff
Sponsorship team

During the year, there have been some changes to Healthway’s sponsorship area with some familiar faces filling new roles and some new staff joining the team.

The sponsorship unit oversees the application process for sport, arts, racing and community events and activities and includes staff who work with sponsored organisations to maximise health promotion returns including promotion of health messages.

Bill Ongley now heads the Sponsorship team within Healthway as Acting Director, Sponsorship.

Applicants for sports sponsorships over $5,000 should contact Brianne James, who is Acting Sports Program Manager. For arts or community events sponsorship applications over $5,000, the contact is Shane Pavlinovich, Arts Program Manager.

For applications and queries about applying for sponsorships for under $5,000, please check Healthway’s website for details on how to apply. If your query isn’t answered there, contact Healthway reception and the staff there will put you in touch with the right person.

Organisations with existing sponsorships should continue to contact the Healthway sponsorship officer who currently manages their sponsorship or project.

Healthway staff
Corporate Services

The members of Healthway’s Corporate Services team ensure the business of Healthway runs smoothly. Their work underpins the functions of the other parts of Healthway including the health promotion and sponsorship teams.

As Director, Corporate Services, and Chief Financial Officer, Lina Barbato is responsible for overseeing all the business services required by Healthway including governance, contract management, information technology and financial reporting.

If you telephone Healthway, your call will more than likely be answered by either Vanessa Thompson or Bob Heron who will also greet you if you visit Healthway. Vanessa and Bob are multi-skilled in a range of administrative responsibilities underpinning corporate services.

Barry Cable and Michael Van Delft work in information technology services and support managing the online application processes.

Judy Hooi is the finance officer who can assist with invoice inquiries.