What actually is a healthy diet?

Healthway support of Science on the Swan, WA’s most prestigious annual medical research conference from 2 – 4 May, will help you find answers to all your questions about staying healthy.

Why is fat bad one minute and sugar is the enemy next? Why does health advice from the experts change all the time?

A free of charge public talk on 4 May by Dr Chris Smith of the popular international The Naked Scientists program and Professor Peter Klinken, WA’s Chief Scientist, will unravel confusion around misconceptions and conflicting health claims.

Presented by Healthway and the City of Perth, the talk, titled Health Advice – Separating the Facts from the Fiction, will start at 6.15pm at Perth Town Hall and help you make sense of all the sometimes confusing and complex information on diet, exercise, alcohol use and other health issues that we’re bombarded with every day.

The talk is free of charge but bookings are essential.

For more information go to https://www.visitperthcity.com/events/health-advice-separating-fact-fiction-dr-chris-smith-naked-scientist

To book, go to www.tinyurl.com/loeqzlj