Survey shows Healthway sponsorships help create a healthier WA

Sponsorship of community activities supports Healthway’s work encouraging Western Australians to be healthier.

Independent evaluation of the effect of Healthway’s sponsorship program has confirmed its effectiveness in raising awareness and understanding of health issues and messages and helping influence people to choose healthier lifestyles.

The 2016/17 Sponsorship Monitor is an evaluation of 35 major sport, arts and racing sponsorships by the Health Promotion Evaluation Unit at The University of Western Australia. It found that while the number of people who said they were aware of and understood health messages promoted at Healthway sponsored events was similar to previous years, the proportion of people who said they intend to act on the health advice in the message is increasing.

The growing number of people who are intending to take action to improve their health as a result of attending Healthway sponsored events, reflects a trend over recent years. The researchers said this indicates Healthway’s recent increased efforts with sports, arts and community partners to incorporate opportunities for people to engage with the health message at events and encouraging healthier action is working.

“Studies have shown that sponsorship as a strategy is effective in raising awareness and comprehension of health messages which can also lead to a change of behaviour,” the researchers said.

The 2016/17 Sponsorship Monitor full report can be found at,-arts-community-event-sponsorship/the-effectiveness-of-healthways-sponsorship-program-2016-2017/