Tobacco Company Involvement

Please note that as part of Healthway’s transition to new legislation, a review of aspects of our work is underway to ensure that we continue to apply an evidence based approach supported by appropriate frameworks to operate effectively. Any changes impacting on policies and position statements will be reflected on the website and communicated in eNewsletters.

Contractual Arrangements with Companies or Organisations which may have Tobacco Company Involvement

The Board considered an addition to the existing policy with respect to contractual arrangements with companies or organisations which may have tobacco company involvement to reflect other possible “connections” or association with the tobacco industry. The Board approved that:

Subject to any contrary law, Healthway will not deal with any:

  • Person, company or entity receiving money or revenues from the tobacco industry or its associated foundations, whether directly or indirectly, or having arrangements, or dealings with the tobacco industry, whether directly or indirectly, which may actually, potentially or perceivably compromise tobacco control initiatives;
  • Person, company, foundation or entity that directly or indirectly has arrangements, connections or dealings with the sales, promotion or distribution of tobacco products which may actually, potentially or perceivably compromise tobacco control initiatives.

Last modified: 2016-06-27