Sponsorship for Religious Organisations / Events

Grants and Sponsorships for Religious Organisations and Events / Activities of a Religious Nature


At its meeting in December 2006, the Board of Healthway approved the following in relation to providing Grants and Sponsorships for religious organisations and events/activities of a religious nature.


Religion: A particular system of faith or worship
Religious Event: an event supporting or promoting a particular system of faith or worship.

Statement of Intent

In seeking to maintain a non-discriminatory approach Healthway believes that it is important to remain independent of religious agendas of any type. The intent of Healthway’s funding programs is to support programs and events that are related to the promotion of good health and as a general principle are accessible to all. In some instances health promotion outcomes may be better achieved by restricting access to a particular group or section of the community. In these instances there will need to be sound health promotion evidence as to why a restriction should be in place.


Grant or sponsorship applications from a religious organisation or a group seeking funding for a project, event or activity that is considered ‘religious’ in nature will not be eligible for consideration if any of the following applies:

  • The project or event for which funding is sought is considered to be unsuitable for the promotion of a health message or will not clearly achieve Healthway’s health promotion objectives.
  • The project or event for which funding is sought is considered to be aimed at recruiting people to a religion or is evangelical in nature i.e. it involves the advancement or promotion of a particular religion or religious outlook.
  • The project or event does not comply with all other standard eligibility requirements of Healthway funding and the application does not identify clear health promotion opportunities.

A project exclusive to one religion or religious outlook may be considered eligible if there are strong reasons why the health promotion activity will be more effective if it is exclusive to that group.

Last modified: 2018-01-12