Minimum Health Policy Requirements for Sponsored Organisations

The following minimum requirements must be incorporated into an organisational health policy to be implemented by all sponsored organisations as a condition of sponsorship:

  • All indoor and outdoor areas under the control of the sponsored organisation must be maintained as smoke-free.
  • E-cigarettes are also prohibited as part of the smoke-free environment requirement.
  • Healthway’s Portrayal of Smoking in the Arts by Sponsored Organisations Policy applies to all performances that are part of a sponsorship agreement.
  • Healthy food and drink options must be available should catering be provided at activities or events
  • Free drinking water must be available at activities or events
  • Adequate sun shade must be available, where applicable
  • Safe warm-up practices for physical activity must be adhered to, where applicable
  • Alcohol or unhealthy food/drink (or vouchers for same) must not be provided as prizes or awards
  • Low strength alcohol and non alcoholic choices must be available should alcohol be available at activities or events
  • No activities or promotions that encourage rapid consumption of alcohol (e.g. discounted drink prices, happy hours, drinking competitions), should alcohol be available at activities or events
  • Ensure alcoholic drinks are served in standard-sized drink portions, should alcohol be available at activities or events
  • No promotions or event names that glamorise getting drunk or imply that getting drunk is desirable e.g. providing drinks or cocktails with names that imply they will get you drunk

Last modified: 2018-01-12