Co-sponsorship Policy and Guidelines

Please take the time to view our Co-sponsorship Policy and Guidelines

Healthway Sponsorship Risk Matrix

Healthway has published a Risk Matrix to help evaluate the key criteria that should be considered when determining the overall risk of a particular brand and/or sponsorship linked with Healthway’s activities.

Review of Healthway’s Co-Sponsorship Policy – Summary for Stakeholders

Healthway’s Co-Sponsorship Policy was introduced to ensure the promotion of unhealthy brands and messages do not undermine health messages at sponsored events and activities.

Healthway policies are reviewed to determine whether they continue to reflect community expectations and are based on the most up to date health promotion information and evidence. In line with this, the Co-Sponsorship Policy was reviewed in 2010 and again in 2013.

A summary of the findings of the most recent review by Quantum Consulting Australia (QCA), together with the recommendations that have been adopted by Healthway’s Board, is now available.

Last modified: 2018-01-12