Healthy Sporting Club Grant

This program is now closed, however please check back in February for our Winter Healthy Sporting Club Program. 

 Funding is available to all Western Australian community sporting clubs to help increase healthy food and drink options at club-run canteens or kiosks. 

To apply for this funding, clubs must be competing in a recognised sporting competition. With the support of the WA School Canteen Association, we will help your sports club achieve the following:

  • Increase healthy food and drink options at club-run canteens or kiosks.  
  • Reduce the promotion of unhealthy food and drink choices. This includes not prominently displaying sugary drinks for sale. 
  • Reduce the promotion of unhealthy messages or brands.
  • Improve club members’ knowledge of the importance of healthy eating. 
  • Educate canteen or kiosk managers, and/or staff (including volunteers) in offering healthy food and drinks in club-run facilities.
  • Educate and up-skill canteen managers and staff in offering healthy food and drinks in club-run facilities.

Healthy Sporting Club Guidelines

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Contact our healthy partnership team who will provide support and advise you on how to apply. 

Telephone: 133 777


Healthy Sporting Club testimonials

Kingsway Roos Netball Club

This has been a very engaging program for our committee to run and present to our members. With it being a short season due to COVID-19, Kingsway Roos Netball Club (KRNC) felt it was that something 'extra' that could be given to members to show them, the club cares about their health and safety. This is a great starting point with further health initiatives being planned for future seasons across all areas of health, sun safety and responsible drinking.

Whitford Hockey Club

The club has changed how we operate to increase the visibility of healthy options at eye height for children and adults, using a menu board to increase knowledge of all the healthy options we now have, including a weekly rotating special salad on a menu board and giving away healthy snacks and samples at the canteen to increase awareness of the new products.


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