Health Promotion Partnership FAQs


Our key actions relating to our Health Promotion Partnership Program are:

  • Work with organisations for the cancellation or postponement of events
  • Be flexible with longer term funding recipients to vary deliverables, timeframes and reporting where required
  • Continue to accept applications for new funding noting that funding will be prioritised to initiatives that can be reasonably delivered at this time.
  • Continue asking for financial and performance reporting for all Healthway funded grants, although timeframes may be varied.

We understand COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact on our partners and the community more broadly.

Our priority is to work with you to support realistic variations to funding agreements, where appropriate, and provide flexible options to cancel or postpone events, programs and reporting timeframes. 

For cancellations of events or programs you’ll need to provide a financial report of any expenditure and return any unspent funds. For postponed events, you’ll be offered a variation of up to twelve months. The details and process for this will be discussed with you.

For longer term grants, we’ll discuss the options available to you which may include a variation to the deliverables of the project or timeframes. 

We understand that it may no longer be possible for you to deliver all the funding requirements as originally planned. We are prepared to work with you to renegotiate deliverables aligned to our object of creating a healthy Western Australia.

Our areas of focus include both physical and mental health, and there are opportunities for our partner organisations to play a pivotal role in supporting their members and the broader community through innovative approaches. Some of our funding organisations have already commenced developing online programs and resources aligned to our strategic priorities.

For accountability purposes any revised arrangements will need to be documented and agreed to by both parties. This will include confirmation that you have the organisational capacity, including appropriate staffing to deliver any revised arrangements.

We’ll continue to take applications under our Partnership Program.  

We’ll work with you to consider the viability of being able to meet the grant deliverables under the current phase of the COVID-19 roadmap in Western Australia. Funding for new applications will be prioritised to initiatives that are best suited to the current environment.

Healthway will continue to ensure all funded events align with current Government COVID-19 measures.

For a complete guide on how we are working with our funded organisations during COVID-19 download the COVID-19 FAQs resource below.   


Eligible organisations are defined as:

  • Sport: an organisation that involves sport or active recreation for the purposes of achieving increased physical activity and deliver health promotion outcomes
  • Arts: an organisation that includes arts and cultural programs or activities that provide opportunities for people to participate in, or to gain new experiences and deliver health promotion outcomes
  • Racing: an organisation involved in a motor car or motorcycle racing and delivering health promotion outcomes
  • Community Events: agricultural shows and events that encourage broad community engagement, (not including swap meets, flea markets, seminars or similar activities) and delivering health promotion outcomes
  • Organisations that primarily seek health promotion outcomes that utilise sport, recreation, arts, cultural, or racing programs or facilities as the vehicle to achieve these.   

All organisations applying for funding must:

  • Be an incorporated organisation, including not-for-profit, companies and statutory bodies
  • Provide a bank statement from your organisation’s nominated bank account be ABN registered or provide an ATO ‘Statement By Supplier’ form
  • Fulfil all previous acquittal requirements for Healthway funded programs
  • Maintain a general public liability insurance policy of at least $5,000,000 for the period of the agreement
  • Have appropriate Health and Safety and Risk Management policies and practices in place to deliver the project(s)/event(s)
  • Conform with relevant State and Federal legislation (e.g. Working with Children (Criminal Records Checking), Liquor Control, and Drugs in Sport)
  • Not accept or have accepted any form of funding from tobacco companies or their related foundations, either directly or indirectly.

Once you are ready to apply please ensure you have completed all of the following steps:

  • Check your organisation is eligible by reviewing the eligibility criteria.
  • Contact us to discuss your event or program prior to submitting an application.
  • Confirm the minimum health requirements and co-sponsorship conditions have been agreed to by your organisations governing body.
  • Register and complete all sections of the e-Application Form via our website portal. A full assessment of your application cannot be undertaken without this information.
  • Upload a copy of your Health Promotion Project Plan.
  • Upload a copy of your organisation’s bank statement.
  • Submit the e-Application Form to us a minimum of five months prior to the commencement of the event or program.
  • As a general rule, we will not provide organisations with more than one partnership per year
  • Applicants seeking support for multiple programs or events should plan ahead and include all activities in an application for an annual partnership
  • In exceptional circumstances where an organisation might run two very different types of events, for example, a community program and an elite championship, more than one application in a 12 month period may be accepted.
  • Applications under $5,000 are approved by Healthway’s Chief Executive Officer.
  • Applications over $50,000 are approved by the Board of Healthway.
  • All our grants are recommended by the Minister of Health; Mental Health.
  • Application decisions can take around five months, though some decisions can take longer.
  • Allow sufficient time for promotion and marketing of the partnership event or activity, as inadequate lead-time may reduce the chances of your application being successful.

Following the assessment and approval processes, we will notify you if your application has been successful or not.

If successful, we will provide you with an Agreement, which outlines the strategies from your application that we support implementing as part of your project.

We may also discuss with you other strategies to include in the Agreement. The Final Agreement will help you achieve your health promotion outcomes for your project and will need to be signed by your organisation’s legal signatory. In addition, all successful applicants will be required to submit a report at the conclusion of the grant, which includes the following:

  • An online acquittal form and final project report, which highlights how your project objectives were achieved as outlined in the Agreement
  • A financial acquittal statement showing how the funds were spent
  • Photographs or promotional material demonstrating your organisation’s healthy activities
  • For some funded organisations, additional evaluation may apply. Particularly for those funded for comprehensive programs.
  • We will discuss with this you before finalising your Agreement.
  • Once a grant is approved, we’ll send you a letter advising what has been approved and any outstanding requirements for payment to be made.
  • Grants are paid through an electronic funds transfer to the bank account provided in your application.
  • Most partnership agreements will outline a milestone payment schedule in the contract, where part payments are made on the satisfactory completion of partnership milestones.
  • It is a condition of applying for Healthway funds that applicants acknowledge acceptance of the assessment criteria and funding conditions.
  • We will provide you with written advice about the funding decision, and you are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the Healthway team in the first instance.
  • Following this, if you remain dissatisfied with the decision you may request a review by writing to the CEO. The letter is to be signed by the organisation’s Chairperson, CEO or authorised delegate and include the reason for the request as well as what resolution is sought. Healthway will advise applicants of the outcome as soon as possible.
  • A request for a review will not impact on the consideration of any subsequent applications.
  • We approve partnerships on the basis of information provided in the application
  • The partnership may be withdrawn should circumstances arise where a partnership event cannot proceed as proposed in the application, or the partnership benefits as proposed in the application are no longer available
  • In most cases, monies already paid in relation to the event need to be repaid, however, we may consider other partnership opportunities to be substituted as an alternative if they are assessed as providing health promotion returns of similar value and occur within a similar time period
  • For the cancellation of events in extenuating circumstances that are beyond your control, we will meet any commitments already expended following receipt of supporting financial information.
  • Personal information collected by Healthway will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. 
  • For further information please read our Privacy policy or contact our Customer Service team at this office.
  • Your public acknowledgment of our funding helps spread the word about your initiative and Healthway’s contribution to the community. Visit our News and Events page for great ideas on how we can help you to do this. 


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