New Community Investment Framework

The new Community Investment Framework is Lotterywest and Healthway’s new grant making strategy.  The Framework details how both organisations will invest to achieve stronger outcomes to build a better and a healthier WA.

Active Healthy People is one of the five key priority areas, and is focused on assisting the community to be more active and support initiatives which promote healthy lives. All Healthway funding will be distributed under this stream, guided by the direction provided in our Strategic Plan Active Healthy People: 2018-2023.

Transition to the Framework is underway and will be implemented over the next few months.

Lotterywest and Healthway are committed to continual improvement of their grant programs and by measuring community impact we’ll have more opportunities to share, highlight and celebrate the success stories of what is being achieved in the WA community.

Learn more about the Lotterywest and Healthway Community Investment Framework.