New Alcohol. Think Again campaign – I need you to say NO

A new State Government campaign is urging parents to restrict their children drinking alcohol until they turn 18 years old.

The Alcohol. Think Again campaign ‘I need you to say NO’ launched on Saturday 10 November ahead of the annual school leavers celebrations.

The campaign is informed by National Health and Medical Research Council Guidelines that state, ‘for young people under 18-years-of-age, ‘not drinking alcohol is the safest option’ .

Preventing harm from alcohol among young people is a key priority in Healthway’s new Strategic Plan Active Healthy People: 2018-2023.

Healthway has invested in the Alcohol.Think Again public education campaign since it launched in 2012 and provided additional funds earlier this year of $2.159 million to extend the campaign until 2021. 

The campaign is part of a comprehensive approach that aims to reduce the level of alcohol-related harm and ill-health across Western Australia.

Visit the Alcohol. Think Again campaign website to watch the television advertisements and download free education resources.