How you helped shape Healthway’s future

Many stakeholders took part in an extensive process of consultation during May, June and July to help determine the future strategic directions for Healthway.

Your comments, views and advice are currently being reviewed and will play a significant part in the development of Healthway’s Strategic Plan for 2018 and beyond.

The consultation process was organised and coordinated by Haeberlin Consulting who reached out in three main ways, through interviews, workshops and an online survey of around 4,000 stakeholders from Healthway’s database.

So who were the stakeholders who helped with this important and comprehensive process? And what did you tell us about how you saw Healthway’s future?

A wide and diverse range of organisations took time to get involved in the process and provide their feedback. Around 20% were sporting organisations, 19% community organisations, both research and arts organisations made up 11% each and health made up 10%. Other sectors involved included local government, state government, charity groups and racing.

The majority of organisations had received funding from Healthway in the last 18 months (41%) with 26% having received funding more than 18 months ago and 10% had previously applied for Healthway funding but had not been successful. Others who contributed to the survey either work with recipients of Healthway funding, or work with Healthway to share advice and expertise and to deliver programs.

Feedback provided was comprehensive and overall, the stakeholders were generally positive about Healthway’s current performance. There was room for improvement with more flexibility in working with funding recipients and more clarity about what Healthway stands for and what it will fund.

Overall, 72% rate Healthway’s performance as a health promotion funding agency as good or very good, with 23% rating performance as fair. Areas where Healthway could improve include:

  • Improving clarity on Healthway objectives
  • Simplifying application processes
  • Being more transparent on application assessments,
  • Being more modern in the approach to health promotion

Generally, stakeholders expressed a strong desire to see Healthway focus more on the social determinants of health and collective outcomes.

There was positive comment around Healthway being the broker for creating or linking partner organisations, more flexible and targeted funding and for Healthway being more proactive and active as a partner rather than a passive funder.

However, other stakeholders feared they may lose funding under a new Healthway direction or that Healthway could become too proscriptive and long term focus could suffer if Healthway focussed on shorter term objectives.

Healthway’s Strategic Plan for 2018 and beyond is currently being finalised.