Healthy food vendors a success

The Dardanup Bull & Barrel Festival sponsored by Healthway, promoting the LiveLighter message was held on the sixth October and attracted approximately 15,000 people to the event.

Incorporating Healthway strategies, the LiveLighter Dardanup Bull & Barrel Festival promoted healthy food and drink options to families attending the event in the South-west. Creating environments at events that provide patrons with healthier options, contributes to the Healthway mandate of creating a healthier Western Australia.

As a key strategy of the Healthway partnership, Dardanup Bull and Barrel worked with the Western Australian School Canteen Association (WASCA) to provide a healthier festival environment with a focus on increasing the availability of healthy food and drink options for festival goers.

WASCA works in partnership with many Healthway sponsored organisations and their support was an important part of vendors being willing to provide healthy food choices at the festival.

A total of 43 vendors attended the event, offering a selection of cuisines. Each vendor was offered the opportunity to have their menu assessed and reviewed by WASCA, with those adopting the recommendations being included in the WA Healthy Vendor Guide which is distributed around the state. From the review, eight of these food vendors were classified as being healthier and were recruited from the WA Healthier Vendor Guide.

Vendors were provided signage at the LiveLighter Dardanup Bull and Barrel Festival to showcase their ‘healthy vendor endorsement’.

In addition to the full menu review, all vendors were asked to adopt the following strategies to limit the consumption of sugary drinks at the festival:

  • reducing the lines of sugary drinks by only offering two-three choices or twenty percent less
  • remove sugary drinks from display or don’t sell at all
  • move sugary drinks towards the bottom of the fridge or away from eye level
  • offer water at a cheaper price compared to all other drinks

The food vendors involved in adopting these strategies reported a 50% increase in the sale of water and a 45% decrease in the sale of sugary drinks.

Through various Healthway partnerships we have seen an increase in community expectations around the availability of healthy food and drink options. The LiveLighter Dardanup Bull and Barrel Festival is a great example of a Healthway partner organisation’s approach and commitment to improving the environment they provide and increasing public awareness of the LiveLighter message to the Western Australian community.

To make your next event a healthier one, visit the publications page for the event organiser’s guide.