Healthy Club

Following a review, Healthway has resolved to absorb the Healthy Club Sponsorship Program into the existing Under $5,000 Sport Sponsorship Program.

This change will provide sporting clubs interested in extending the reach of health promotion campaigns and creating healthy environments, with access to an increased level of support and the opportunity to seek sponsorship all year round.

In addition to Western Australian sporting clubs having the opportunity to access sponsorship through the Under $5,000 Sponsorship Program, Healthway’s continued partnership with the Good Sports Program provides clubs with access to a free national initiative which aims to build healthy clubs, happy families and strong communities by ensuring that the service and consumption of alcohol in the club environment occurs in a safe and responsible manner.

Community sporting clubs delivering a program or event with an opportunity to promote a health message to Healthway priority population groups should consult the Healthway website and the Under $5,000 Sponsorship Program Guidelines.

Last modified: 2014-08-11