Healthy choices contribute to Gilmore’s longevity

WA netball star Andrea Gilmore is a wonderful ambassador for the Smarter Than Smoking healthy lifestyle message promoted in partnership by Netball WA and Healthway.

Having represented two separate Clubs at the National League level, Western Sting in the Australian Netball League and recently reaching her 100 game milestone in the West Australian Netball League (WANL) with defending premiers the West Coast Warriors, the netball resume of the Perth local continues to swell.

A household name in West Australian netball, Gilmore credits her healthy off-court choices with her ability to consistently produce her best.

“I still absolutely love playing the game and am really enjoying what we are building at the Warriors,” Gilmore said.  “Avoiding smoking and making smart choices with alcohol are the obvious starting points but nutrition also plays a vital role and it’s certainly something I’m conscious of.

“I’m very passionate about food and it plays a big part in my life off the court, so I enjoy seeing the tangible connection between looking after my body from that perspective and being able to produce my best on court.”

Gilmore’s conscientious approach to her healthy lifestyle has won the support of many in the broad netballing community, including the game’s Major Partner Healthway, promoting the Smarter than Smoking message which encourages young people to choose not to smoke.

Healthway’s Acting Executive Director, Maree De Lacey, says Gilmore is a great role model for healthy lifestyle choices supporting her continued success at the highest level of the sport.

“Andrea has consistently shown that a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for achieving our goals in life, both in the short and long term,” Ms De Lacey said.

“Healthway is delighted to be working with Netball WA to demonstrate through successful role models like Andrea that making healthy lifestyle choices really does make a difference.”

Gilmore’s West Coast Warriors have dominated the opening half of the 2017 WANL season, sitting atop the competition ladder having lost just the one game so far this year.

Andrea Gilmore, at the rear, is a great ambassador for Smarter than Smoking.

Andrea Gilmore, at the rear, is a great ambassador for Smarter than Smoking.