Healthway’s policy on the Portrayal of Smoking in the Arts by Sponsored Organisations

The Board of Healthway recently completed a review of the above policy.

Following discussion with health and arts organisations, the Board agreed to incorporate modifications to the policy to allow for greater discretion in decision making around applications to Healthway for sponsorship.

In summary, the new policy:

  • Remains consistent with the principle that the portrayal of smoking in arts productions as normal, acceptable or fashionable is inconsistent with the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the functions of Healthway;
  • Allows organisations applying for sponsorship to provide evidence, for Healthway’s consideration, that the depiction of smoking is essential to the performance and/or its historical setting, and does not glamourise smoking;
  • Does not automatically exclude organisations from Healthway sponsorship if smoking is portrayed in performances at any time during multi-year sponsorship agreements. Organisations may now submit evidence that they could not reasonably have been aware of or have control over the content of the performance at the time the agreement with Healthway was signed; and
  • Removes the condition that organisations are not eligible for Healthway sponsorship for the entire program or season if smoking is depicted in any performance or production by the organisation. Instead, a risk assessment approach will be applied.

Healthway’s Minimum Health Policy requirements, which all Healthway sponsored organisations are required to implement, have been revised to reflect the policy on the Portrayal of Smoking in the Arts by Sponsored Organisations.

The policy allows for some flexibility in decision making within Healthway’s role of funding activities related to the promotion of good health, with particular emphasis on young people. Smoking remains one of the leading causes of preventable disease in Western Australia and we know that the majority of smokers take up smoking during their adolescent years.

Healthway continually reviews its policies and programs to ensure they are up to date and reflect stakeholder expectations. The above policy will be reviewed again prior to December 2017.

The updated policy on the Portrayal of Smoking in the Arts by Sponsored Organisations and the updated Minimum Health Policy requirements can be viewed on Healthway’s website at

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Healthway on telephone 9476 7000, WA State-wide telephone 1800 198 450 or email