Health Promotion Scholarship Recipients

The Australian Health Promotion Association (WA Branch) in collaboration with Healthway, are delighted to introduce you to the 2019 Healthway Research Program Health Promotion Scholarship recipients; Larissa, Courtney, Luke and Sophie.

Larissa Perry

Aboriginal scholarship recipient Larissa Perry is working at the Telethon Kids Institute within the Ngulluk Koolunga Ngulluk Koort (Our Children, Our Heart) project. Larissa’s scholarship project will involve a mixed methods study on the experiences and attitudes of parents/carers towards the cultural awareness, safety and security of early education settings for young Aboriginal children. The research findings will help to describe an early education setting that promotes good mental health and wellbeing, being culturally safe, socially inclusive and aiding connectedness for young Aboriginal children.

Courtney King

Graduate scholarship recipient Courtney King is working within the Health Promotion and Education Research team also at the Telethon Kids Institute, extending the current Let Me Know (LMK) project – a school-based intervention aimed at year 7 students addressing underage alcohol consumption. Courtney will conduct formative research into year 9 and 10 students to provide direction for adapting the LMK project and ongoing support for parents as their children age. This research will explore the unique challenges parents face in relation to underage alcohol consumption and identify the appropriate adaptions they can make.

Luke Ringin

Regional scholarship recipient, Luke Ringin is working with the Western Australian Centre for Rural Health in Geraldton on a project titled Men Against Violence . This program will be a part of the ‘Community, Respect and Equality Framework’ that already exists in Geraldton which focuses on reducing family violence in the Mid-West region. Luke will be using evidence and applying existing resources to a local setting to create an education plan for sporting club coaches and staff, allowing participants to be stronger role models and educators for young men and boys in the prevention of family violence.

Sophie van Dam

Graduate scholarship recipient Sophie van Dam is working with the WA School Canteen Association . Sophie’s project will investigate factors that influence school stakeholder’s compliance with the Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink policy. Stakeholder’s include students, administrators, teachers, staff members and parents. The project aims to investigate the barriers and enablers towards complying with the policy in secondary and regional schools through surveys and focus groups, and by investigating partnerships to develop tools and resources that will support schools to take action on nutrition.

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