After Approval

Evaluation Forms

Grant recipients will be expected to complete an appropriate evaluation of the funded project. Below is the list of the evaluation forms for each grant type that funding applicants will need to be aware will be requested to be completed as part of the grant agreement.

Guidelines for Acknowledging Healthway Research Funding

Your acknowledgment of Healthway research funding helps to promote our commitment and partnership to the Western Australian community. Healthway is proud that its research has strong links to policy and practice, and encourages collaborative multi-disciplinary studies that foster the sharing of skills and expertise.

Media announcements

Healthway requires that your organisation communicate with our team prior to any television, radio or print announcements and publishing opportunities. If your funded research is going to be in the media please send us an email or telephone to let us know.

Places to acknowledge Healthway

Here are some examples of places where it may be possible to acknowledge Healthway funding:

  • Media articles and statements
  • Website
  • Peer-reviewed papers
  • Conference presentations and posters
  • Technical reports
  • Educational training resource materials
  • Social media
  • Public events

For published work funded or partly funded by Healthway, the following wording is suggested: “This program/project/study/research was supported by the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation (Healthway).

Visual acknowledgement

The Healthway logo is a visual way to acknowledge your funding and suitable for websites, publications and presentations. Contact our team for a copy of our logo and style guide.

Last modified: 2018-08-20