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Our relationship with the natural environment: What happens when we ignore it?

Healthway, with support from the Public Health Association of Australia (WA Branch), the Australian Health Promotion of Australia (WA Branch) and Public Health Advocacy Institute, invites you to hear from Professor Carmen Lawrence, Director of the Centre for the Study of Social Change in the School of Psychology at the University of Western Australia. This lecture will explore how the environment impacts on health and wellbeing. For more information about the event or to register to attend, please view the attached flyer

Calling all Western Australian hockey clubs and associations…

Hockey WA and Healthway have launched an exciting new initiative aimed at improving the health and well-being of all players, club and association members and supporters.

The new Hockey for Health Club program encourages participants to establish and promote a Club Health Policy, including a smoke free environment. To participate, clubs must identify priority health issues affecting their club or association and address these by developing and implementing a program to increase healthy behaviour.

Healthway’s Acting Executive Director, Maree De Lacey, said: “We are delighted to be working with Hockey WA to create healthy places for everyone within the hockey community in WA.

“The Smarter than Smoking message encourages young people to remain non-smokers and to make healthy lifestyle choices.

“The Hockey for Health club program will support hockey fans of all ages to make healthy choices by creating smoke free environments and identifying more opportunities within their clubs to help members and visitors to be healthy.

“We congratulate Hockey WA for taking this big step forward for the health of the hockey community.”

Phil Nillsen, President of Hockey WA, said: “Hockey WA is firmly committed to improving the health and wellbeing of its members and supporters and is therefore delighted to be teaming up with Healthway to launch this worthwhile initiative.

“As a result, I’d urge all of our clubs and associations to get involved in the Smarter Than Smoking Hockey For Health Club Program and help shape the future the future of our sport throughout the State and leave a positive and healthy legacy for generations to come.”

For more info, visit

Smarter than Smoking and the health benefits of being a non-smoker support the Hockey for Health Club program. Picture by Shane Paull

Healthy choices contribute to Gilmore’s longevity

WA netball star Andrea Gilmore is a wonderful ambassador for the Smarter Than Smoking healthy lifestyle message promoted in partnership by Netball WA and Healthway.

Having represented two separate Clubs at the National League level, Western Sting in the Australian Netball League and recently reaching her 100 game milestone in the West Australian Netball League (WANL) with defending premiers the West Coast Warriors, the netball resume of the Perth local continues to swell.

A household name in West Australian netball, Gilmore credits her healthy off-court choices with her ability to consistently produce her best.

“I still absolutely love playing the game and am really enjoying what we are building at the Warriors,” Gilmore said.  “Avoiding smoking and making smart choices with alcohol are the obvious starting points but nutrition also plays a vital role and it’s certainly something I’m conscious of.

“I’m very passionate about food and it plays a big part in my life off the court, so I enjoy seeing the tangible connection between looking after my body from that perspective and being able to produce my best on court.”

Gilmore’s conscientious approach to her healthy lifestyle has won the support of many in the broad netballing community, including the game’s Major Partner Healthway, promoting the Smarter than Smoking message which encourages young people to choose not to smoke.

Healthway’s Acting Executive Director, Maree De Lacey, says Gilmore is a great role model for healthy lifestyle choices supporting her continued success at the highest level of the sport.

“Andrea has consistently shown that a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for achieving our goals in life, both in the short and long term,” Ms De Lacey said.

“Healthway is delighted to be working with Netball WA to demonstrate through successful role models like Andrea that making healthy lifestyle choices really does make a difference.”

Gilmore’s West Coast Warriors have dominated the opening half of the 2017 WANL season, sitting atop the competition ladder having lost just the one game so far this year.

Andrea Gilmore, at the rear, is a great ambassador for Smarter than Smoking.

Andrea Gilmore, at the rear, is a great ambassador for Smarter than Smoking.


NAIDOC Week is an annual celebration of Aboriginal and Islander culture throughout Australia and this year’s theme is ‘Our Languages Matter’ in recognition of the more than 250 original indigenous languages still spoken today.

This year, Healthway is joining with many of our community partners to support NAIDOC Week from 2 to 9 July 2017. The partnerships are a great way for Healthway to partner with Aboriginal organisations to create activities and events that inspire healthy lifestyles for everyone throughout WA.

Here’s some of the activities we’re involved with and we encourage you to get involved too –

The Undalup Makuru NAIDOC Festival is a cultural event that celebrates the NAIDOC theme of Our Languages Matter and shines a light on the unique and essential role that Indigenous languages play in cultural identity. The festival will promote a positive mental health message to children and young people through cultural activities in and around Busselton.

Hosted by Wadandi Elders and Cultural Custodians, the workshop activities range from bush foods and medicines, bush weaving and braiding, cultural dance workshops and art activities with ‘bush-tucker’ provided for workshop participants.  The workshops are open to everyone and getting involved is a great way to demonstrate the positive mental health and wellbeing message of Act-Belong-Commit.

For info, visit

Through NAIDOC Netball Carnival, Healthway and Netball WA, combine to encourage everyone involved to be Smarter than Smoking and remain a non-smoker. Aboriginal netball players from across WA are invited to participate on July 5 in what is the largest Indigenous netball event in Australia.

Held at the State Netball Centre, with support also provided by the Department of Sport and Recreation and the State Insurance Commission, the NAIDOC Netball Carnival has the dual purpose of celebrating Indigenous netballers through competitive netball and providing information about healthy lifestyles.

For info, visit

Make Smoking History Mowanjum Festival at the Mowanjum Art and Cultural Centre in Derby on 7 July 2017 encourages and supports a non-smoking lifestyle through involvement in arts activities.

Healthway’s partnership with Mowanjum Artists Spirit of the Wandjina Aboriginal Corporation ensures the festival activities are smoke free. For info, visit

Mowanjum Festival

Mowanjum Festival

Reminder – Over $50,000 Sport, Arts and Community Event Sponsorship applications closing soon!

Applications for Healthway sponsorship of over $50,000 for events and activities planned to commence at the beginning of 2018 are due by the end of July 2017.

All applications are due no less than five months prior to the commencement of the sponsored event or annual program.

If the activities are aligned to a calendar year (1 January to 31 December), applications are due by 12 noon 31 July.

Applications for activities aligned to a financial year (1 July to 30 June) are due by 12 noon 31 January 2018. For more information, visit

2017 Smarter than Smoking Netball Championships a Success

The largest participation event on the Netball WA Calendar, the 2017 Smarter than Smoking Association Championships, has reached a near record number of young people with the message about the advantages of a non-smoking lifestyle.

Held at the Wembley Sports Park for the third consecutive year, the tournament attracted almost 270 teams from close to 40 netball associations across the State, with more than 13,000 people in attendance over the WA Day long weekend in June.

Netball WA CEO, Simon Taylor, said the Smarter than Smoking Association Championships continued to play an integral role in bringing the widespread West Australian netball community together.

“The Championships showcase the very best of our game, including the sense of friendship, fair play and community to which netball is intrinsically linked,” Taylor said.

Healthway’s Acting Executive Director, Maree De Lacey, said: “By working together, Netball WA and Healthway encourage young netballers and their families to incorporate healthy food and physical activity into their daily lives.

“Thanks to events such as this, the Smarter than Smoking message is now widely recognised throughout many junior sports including netball and highlights the association between sporting success, fitness and a smoke free lifestyle.”

To view all the highlights from the 2017 Smarter than Smoking Association Championships, visit Netball WA’s Facebook page at

Research to help pre-schoolers be more active

Healthway funded research finds over eight in every ten children going to childcare don’t get enough physical activity to be healthy.

Healthway health promotion research, led by Dr Hayley Christian at the University of WA, is now looking at how childcare centres can encourage children to be more active.

Dr Christian and her research team are fitting children with GPS trackers, which the kids love to call Superhero Belts, to find out exactly how much exercise they’re getting while in childcare and at home.

An additional Healthway grant will study whether giving childcare staff training to encourage outdoor play activities will help pre-schoolers be more active and healthy.

To see the full research report visit

Healthy Crab Fest draws record crowd

This year’s Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest in March was sponsored by Healthway promoting healthy eating through LiveLighter.

A record crowd of 165,000 people enjoyed the low cost healthy food on offer at the annual Mandurah Crab Fest.

Since Healthway’s first sponsorship of the event in 2015, the City of Mandurah and Crab Fest food vendors have introduced many more healthy food options making the healthy choice even easier for festival goers this year. There were also plenty of healthy recipes available for people to taste later at home.

Crab Fest gives families a great opportunity to celebrate local art, culture and produce and aims to change the current status quo where seven of every ten adults in the Mandurah area are overweight or obese.

For a report on Crab Fest 2017, visit the City of Mandurah’s website at

Crowds gathered in the LiveLighter tent at CrabFest to try the healthy recipes on offer.
Picture – Monica Defendi Photography courtesy City of Mandurah

Sponsorship helps promote healthy behaviour

Healthway uses sponsorship as a way of encouraging West Australians to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Sponsorship is much more than the signs, logos and advertising you see at Healthway sponsored sports, arts and community events.

While health message logos such as LiveLighter and SunSmart help to raise awareness of specific health issues, it is combination of these plus educational and environmental strategies working together that encourage people to think about making healthy lifestyle choices.

Educational strategies used in sponsorship include providing information that informs people how to be healthy. This can be via displays or through role models who demonstrate healthy behaviour.

Examples of environmental strategies include making healthy food choices the easiest choice by ensuring healthy food is available and creating smoke free environments which help people not to smoke while at the event.

For more information about Healthway’s approach to sponsorship and how it works to help West Australians be healthy check out our Sponsorship Model.

Health promotion research program updates

Applying for Healthway health promotion research grants is now easier.

New applications for research grants will now be easier with the introduction of clearer guidelines and a two staged process with the first step being an expression of interest instead of applicants completing a full application.

Applications can now be submitted at any time during the year, a new process replacing the single annual closing date.

Two grant types are now offered. Exploratory Grants for up to $75,000 over two years and Intervention Grants for a maximum of $150,000 a year for up to three years.

Applications must focus on Healthway’s priority areas and demonstrate a clear pathway for putting the research findings into practice for the better health of the WA community.

More information at