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What actually is a healthy diet?

Healthway support of Science on the Swan, WA’s most prestigious annual medical research conference from 2 – 4 May, will help you find answers to all your questions about staying healthy.

Why is fat bad one minute and sugar is the enemy next? Why does health advice from the experts change all the time?

A free of charge public talk on 4 May by Dr Chris Smith of the popular international The Naked Scientists program and Professor Peter Klinken, WA’s Chief Scientist, will unravel confusion around misconceptions and conflicting health claims.

Presented by Healthway and the City of Perth, the talk, titled Health Advice – Separating the Facts from the Fiction, will start at 6.15pm at Perth Town Hall and help you make sense of all the sometimes confusing and complex information on diet, exercise, alcohol use and other health issues that we’re bombarded with every day.

The talk is free of charge but bookings are essential.

For more information go to

To book, go to

Healthy Crab Fest draws record crowd

This year’s Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest in March was sponsored by Healthway promoting healthy eating through LiveLighter.

A record crowd of 165,000 people enjoyed the low cost healthy food on offer at the annual Mandurah Crab Fest.

Since Healthway’s first sponsorship of the event in 2015, the City of Mandurah and Crab Fest food vendors have introduced many more healthy food options making the healthy choice even easier for festival goers this year. There were also plenty of healthy recipes available for people to taste later at home.

Crab Fest gives families a great opportunity to celebrate local art, culture and produce and aims to change the current status quo where seven of every ten adults in the Mandurah area are overweight or obese.

For a report on Crab Fest 2017, visit the City of Mandurah’s website at

Crowds gathered in the LiveLighter tent at CrabFest to try the healthy recipes on offer.
Picture – Monica Defendi Photography courtesy City of Mandurah

Research to help pre-schoolers be more active

Healthway funded research finds over eight in every ten children going to childcare don’t get enough physical activity to be healthy.

Healthway health promotion research, led by Dr Hayley Christian at the University of WA, is now looking at how childcare centres can encourage children to be more active.

Dr Christian and her research team are fitting children with GPS trackers, which the kids love to call Superhero Belts, to find out exactly how much exercise they’re getting while in childcare and at home.

An additional Healthway grant will study whether giving childcare staff training to encourage outdoor play activities will help pre-schoolers be more active and healthy.

To see the full research report visit

Health promotion research program updates

Applying for Healthway health promotion research grants is now easier.

New applications for research grants will now be easier with the introduction of clearer guidelines and a two staged process with the first step being an expression of interest instead of applicants completing a full application.

Applications can now be submitted at any time during the year, a new process replacing the single annual closing date.

Two grant types are now offered. Exploratory Grants for up to $75,000 over two years and Intervention Grants for a maximum of $150,000 a year for up to three years.

Applications must focus on Healthway’s priority areas and demonstrate a clear pathway for putting the research findings into practice for the better health of the WA community.

More information at

Sponsorship helps promote healthy behaviour

Healthway uses sponsorship as a way of encouraging West Australians to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Sponsorship is much more than the signs, logos and advertising you see at Healthway sponsored sports, arts and community events.

While health message logos such as LiveLighter and SunSmart help to raise awareness of specific health issues, it is combination of these plus educational and environmental strategies working together that encourage people to think about making healthy lifestyle choices.

Educational strategies used in sponsorship include providing information that informs people how to be healthy. This can be via displays or through role models who demonstrate healthy behaviour.

Examples of environmental strategies include making healthy food choices the easiest choice by ensuring healthy food is available and creating smoke free environments which help people not to smoke while at the event.

For more information about Healthway’s approach to sponsorship and how it works to help West Australians be healthy check out our Sponsorship Model.

Swimming shows how to be SunSmart

In March, Swimming WA moved their Healthway sponsored championships out of the sun to protect competitors, officials and spectators.

The SunSmart Club Premiers Championship was due to be held from 3 to 5 March at HBF Stadium with the first day in the indoor pool and days two and three outdoors. But high UV radiation meant increased skin cancer risk so Swimming WA moved the entire event to the shade of the indoor pool.

Being SunSmart is important for all West Australians because each year in our State around 80,000 new skin cancers are diagnosed and just over 1,300 are melanomas. In recent years, skin cancers have caused the deaths of around 180 West Australians annually.

It’s thanks to Healthway’s partners like Swimming WA that the sun protection message is really working to prevent skin cancer. Over the past 15 years, melanoma rates have more than halved among West Australians aged between 15 and 39, the generations that grew up with sun protection campaigns like SunSmart.

This shows most skin cancers can be prevented by minimising exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation when the UV index is 3 or above. So, congratulations to Swimming WA for doing your part to keep West Australians healthy.

If you’re a swimmer and want to find out more about SunSmart, visit

The 2017 Healthway Research Funding Round is now open

There are currently two categories of funding available, Exploratory Research Grants and Intervention Research Grants.

Healthway has made some changes to the Research Program in 2017, and all applicants are encouraged to read the guidelines and application forms carefully before applying.

A two-stage application process is in place:
Stage 1 is submission of an Expression of Interest (EoI).
Stage 2 is an invited full application.

There are no closing dates for EoIs.

Please visit the Apply Now page for more information.

Swan Festival of Lights shows how to Livelighter

A Healthway partnership with WA’s Indian community helped bring Deepavali, a traditional Indian festival, and the healthy lifestyle message to Elizabeth Quay.

Promoted as a family friendly smoke and alcohol free event, the Swan Festival of Lights 2016 was a colourful multicultural event over three nights from October 28 to 30 drawing around 30,000 people to Elizabeth Quay.

Deepavali is a celebration of the joys of life expressed through the presentation of Indian fine arts and culture to the public of Western Australia while also promoting our state’s vibrant multicultural community. It was a great opportunity for Healthway to reach many cultures with a message about healthy lifestyles in a healthy environment free of tobacco smoke and alcohol.

Event volunteer Hari Ramakonar said the move to host the festival at Elizabeth Quay this year was very successful.

The Livelighter message was very prominent and festival patrons enjoyed the vast array of healthy multicultural food we offered,” he said.

Key role for Act-Belong-Commit in Mental Health Week

Mentally Healthy WA’s Act-Belong-Commit message with a special focus on suicide prevention was the official theme for Mental Health Week in October.

The Mentally Healthy WA campaign resulted from a Healthway initiated research project two decades ago and recent surveys show three in every four West Australians are aware of the positive mental health message Act-Belong-Commit

The campaign is funded jointly by Healthway and the WA Mental Health Commission. In addition, Healthway sponsored 80 projects to promote the Act Belong Commit message across the state last year alone, at a cost of over $1.8 million.

All Healthway sponsorship applications now available online!

Healthway recently expanded its online application system to include all sponsorship applications.

Online applications have previously been available for organisations seeking sponsorship of $5,000 or less and after positive feedback, the process now include applications for sponsorship of over $5,000.

During the transition to on-line forms, if you are currently completing your application on a form you have already downloaded, you can still submit it to Healthway.
Forms will continue to be available in alternative formats upon request. For assistance, please contact Healthway on 9476 7000 or