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Local cricket club bowls them over to claim national award

Bluff Point Strathalbyn Sharks Cricket Club in Western Australia has bowled over the judges and taken out the 2018 WA and National Good Sports club of the year.

The Good Sports awards recognise the inspiring Good Sports clubs and passionate volunteers that are committed to championing a healthier and family-friendly club environment for the local community.

The Geraldton cricket club was part of the West Australian Cricket Association’s (WACA) Alcohol.Think Again Healthy Cricket Program, which is delivered state-wide in partnership with Healthway.

The program aims to create healthier sporting clubs by developing and maintaining policies that support and create environmental and cultural change at the WACA ground, as well as at a District, Community and Country Cricket level.  

Healthway is committed to more West Australians living healthy lifestyles and through increasing healthy eating and physical activity, improving mental health, preventing harm from alcohol, and creating a smoke-free WA.

We congratulate Bluff Point Strathalbyn Sharks Cricket Club for their award and acknowledge their commitment and contribution in helping to create Healthway’s vision of a healthier Western Australia. 

Esperance Community Arts partnership creating lasting connections

Healthway is a proud and long-time supporter of Esperance Community Arts, having worked in partnership for more than twenty years to deliver programs that benefit the health and wellbeing of the local community.

Our renewed partnership in 2019 will support the delivery of the Act-Belong-Commit Warang Kaddatji Theatre project, and Samba Drumming project, both of which are part of the Pathways to the Arts programs.

The Warang Kaddatji Theatre project involves a series of workshops with five Aboriginal theatre professionals who have strong connections to the Esperance region. The project is designed to provide young Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people with skills and inspiration to develop and stage their own production.

The Samba Drumming project will support the development of a new Samba Drumming Group, including performances at four community events over twelve months.

Both programs are comprehensive and exemplify the Act-Belong-Commit message through arts activities and events that build skills for individuals and facilitators, and encourage social connection and belonging for children and young people living in the region.

Through partnering with local organisations that are active in the places where we live, learn, work and play – in sport, arts and community settings, Healthway is helping to create healthier communities.

Esperance Community Arts has recently secured funding to ensure the preservation of a local Indigenous dialect and to celebrate Aboriginal cultures in Esperance.  You can read more about this story online.

Surfing WA partnership to educate slip, slop, slap, seek and slide

A two-year partnership between Healthway and Surfing WA will deliver education to around 130,000 Western Australian students to promote sun safe behaviours that prevent skin cancer.

The partnership encourages students who are surfing or being active outdoors to protect  themselves the SunSmart way by remembering to – Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide.

Surfing WA will collaborate with the Cancer Council WA’s SunSmart Schools Program, to provide opportunities for schools and students to receive ongoing sun safety education.

Reducing sun exposure in childhood and adolescence can greatly reduce the chance of developing skin cancer later in life.

The media statement announcing the Healthway and Surfing WA partnership is available to read online.

New Community Investment Framework

The new Community Investment Framework is Lotterywest and Healthway’s new grant making strategy.  The Framework details how both organisations will invest to achieve stronger outcomes to build a better and a healthier WA.

Active Healthy People is one of the five key priority areas, and is focused on assisting the community to be more active and support initiatives which promote healthy lives. All Healthway funding will be distributed under this stream, guided by the direction provided in our Strategic Plan Active Healthy People: 2018-2023.

Transition to the Framework is underway and will be implemented over the next few months.

Lotterywest and Healthway are committed to continual improvement of their grant programs and by measuring community impact we’ll have more opportunities to share, highlight and celebrate the success stories of what is being achieved in the WA community.

Learn more about the Lotterywest and Healthway Community Investment Framework.

New netball partnership to deliver nutrition education

Healthway, Netball WA and West Coast Fever will work together on a new state-wide strategy aimed at encouraging physical activity and creating healthy eating habits for all Western Australians.

Through the partnership, Netball WA will create a healthier game day environment for around 45,000 of its members and around 220,000 participants state-wide.

Community netball venues will work with Healthway and the WA School Canteen Association to provide access to healthier food and drink choices like vegetables, fruit and water.

Encouraging families to eat more fruit and vegetables can improve their health and reduce long-term disease risk.

Creating healthier environments which provide healthy food and drink choices are vital for reducing the high prevalence of overweight and obesity among the Western Australian community.

Through their state-wide community program, Fever players will provide education and inspire good nutrition and physical activity. LiveLighter will be integrated across the Fever brand.

Healthy foods and drink in sport should be the norm and the partnership between Healthway, Netball WA and West Coast Fever will lead the way for creating healthier environments to play sport in WA.

For more information you can view the Netball WA and West Coast Fever media statement online.

New Alcohol. Think Again campaign – I need you to say NO

A new State Government campaign is urging parents to restrict their children drinking alcohol until they turn 18 years old.

The Alcohol. Think Again campaign ‘I need you to say NO’ launched on Saturday 10 November ahead of the annual school leavers celebrations.

The campaign is informed by National Health and Medical Research Council Guidelines that state, ‘for young people under 18-years-of-age, ‘not drinking alcohol is the safest option’ .

Preventing harm from alcohol among young people is a key priority in Healthway’s new Strategic Plan Active Healthy People: 2018-2023.

Healthway has invested in the Alcohol.Think Again public education campaign since it launched in 2012 and provided additional funds earlier this year of $2.159 million to extend the campaign until 2021. 

The campaign is part of a comprehensive approach that aims to reduce the level of alcohol-related harm and ill-health across Western Australia.

Visit the Alcohol. Think Again campaign website to watch the television advertisements and download free education resources.

Healthy food vendors a success

The Dardanup Bull & Barrel Festival sponsored by Healthway, promoting the LiveLighter message was held on the sixth October and attracted approximately 15,000 people to the event.

Incorporating Healthway strategies, the LiveLighter Dardanup Bull & Barrel Festival promoted healthy food and drink options to families attending the event in the South-west. Creating environments at events that provide patrons with healthier options, contributes to the Healthway mandate of creating a healthier Western Australia.

As a key strategy of the Healthway partnership, Dardanup Bull and Barrel worked with the Western Australian School Canteen Association (WASCA) to provide a healthier festival environment with a focus on increasing the availability of healthy food and drink options for festival goers.

WASCA works in partnership with many Healthway sponsored organisations and their support was an important part of vendors being willing to provide healthy food choices at the festival.

A total of 43 vendors attended the event, offering a selection of cuisines. Each vendor was offered the opportunity to have their menu assessed and reviewed by WASCA, with those adopting the recommendations being included in the WA Healthy Vendor Guide which is distributed around the state. From the review, eight of these food vendors were classified as being healthier and were recruited from the WA Healthier Vendor Guide.

Vendors were provided signage at the LiveLighter Dardanup Bull and Barrel Festival to showcase their ‘healthy vendor endorsement’.

In addition to the full menu review, all vendors were asked to adopt the following strategies to limit the consumption of sugary drinks at the festival:

  • reducing the lines of sugary drinks by only offering two-three choices or twenty percent less
  • remove sugary drinks from display or don’t sell at all
  • move sugary drinks towards the bottom of the fridge or away from eye level
  • offer water at a cheaper price compared to all other drinks

The food vendors involved in adopting these strategies reported a 50% increase in the sale of water and a 45% decrease in the sale of sugary drinks.

Through various Healthway partnerships we have seen an increase in community expectations around the availability of healthy food and drink options. The LiveLighter Dardanup Bull and Barrel Festival is a great example of a Healthway partner organisation’s approach and commitment to improving the environment they provide and increasing public awareness of the LiveLighter message to the Western Australian community.

Download Event Organiser’s Guide to Healthier Options and make your next event a healthier one.

Download Summer 2018-2019 Healthier Vendor Guide.

New Healthway and Lotterywest Chair

Healthway and Lotterywest today welcome a new Chair  Professor Peter Klinken AC, who will serve across both organisations following alignment of Lotterywest and Healthway Boards earlier this year.

Professor Klinken AC will assume his role this week for a three-year term – leading the Lotterywest and Healthway Board members.

Healthway acknowledges and thanks previous chair Professor Bryant Stokes AM for his outstanding leadership, professionalism and commitment to Healthway’s work over many years.

The announcement provides new opportunities for Healthway and Lotterywest to advance their work in building a better and healthier Western Australia.

You can read the full media statement from the Premier and Deputy Premier here.

Young Australian males most vulnerable to using e-cigarettes

Healthway-funded research recently published in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia concluded that young Australian males were most vulnerable to using e-cigarettes, with the most common reason for their use among smokers and non-smokers of traditional cigarettes being enjoyment.

The online survey of 1,116 Australians aged 18 to 25 years found that young males are particularly vulnerable to both trialing electronic nicotine delivery systems and becoming regular e-cigarette users.  Just over 10 per cent of young adult e-cigarette users reported using the devices to quit smoking.

Lead author Dr Michelle Jongenelis, from the School of Psychology at Curtin University said the popularity of e-cigarettes had grown rapidly around the world,  and the growing range of electronic devices capable of delivering nicotine available on the market represented new challenges for the public health community.

The research was co-authored by researchers from the School of Psychology at Curtin University, Cancer Council Western Australia, and The University of Western Australia.

The research paper titled: ‘Differences in use of electronic nicotine delivery systems by smoking status and demographic characteristics among Australian young adults,’ can be found online here.

Working towards a smoke-free Western Australia

Western Australia now has some of the toughest tobacco laws in the country after State Parliament recently passed amendments to The Tobacco Products Control Amendment Bill 2017.

Under the new laws, Western Australia will become the fist State in Australia to make it illegal for employees under the age of 18 to sell tobacco products in retail outlets.

Healthway is committed to helping West Australians become smoke-free, and will continue to work in partnership with local organisations to fund health promotion programs and campaigns in the community, as well as health promotion research to reduce smoking rates.

The full media statement State Parliament passes tough new tobacco laws to fight smoking can be viewed online here.