Corporate Governance

Healthway (the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation) is an independent statutory authority reporting to the Minister for Health, the Hon Roger Cook, MLA.

Healthway operates under the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation Act 2016.  The Act defines the objects, functions and powers of Healthway and establishes a skills-based Board of Governance.  Healthway’s role, defined in the Act, is to “promote and facilitate in Western Australia good health and activities which encourage healthy lifestyles.”

The board consists of seven members, chaired by Professor Peter Klinken AC Presiding Member. Ms Fiona Kalaf  has been appointed the board’s Deputy Presiding Member and is joined by board members Mr Steve Harris, Ms Heather Zampatti, Ms Miriam Borthwick, Mr Jim McGinty and Mr Stephen Carre .

The board is the accountable authority of Healthway. It establishes the strategic direction and governance framework, monitors its implementation and is the decision-maker in relation to the allocation of funding.

Last modified: 2019-01-14