Core Business

Healthway strives to deliver visionary and proactive leadership in health promotion in WA. Healthway works in partnership with a wide range of organisations, bases its policies and funding decisions on evidence where possible, and through our expertise and experience adds value to health promotion efforts.

Healthway provides grants to a range of organisations in WA to support programs which encourage healthy lifestyles. These include grants for innovative health promotion projects and campaigns in the community, as well as research funding to support studies that lead to healthier outcomes for individuals and the community.

Healthway provides sponsorship to sport, arts, community and racing organisations to promote health campaign messages and create healthy environments as well as aiming to increase participation in healthy activities.


To meet its objectives, Healthway has developed a range of funding programs:

Healthway currently operates consistent with its strategic plan 2012-2017.  This will be reviewed by the incoming board.

Last modified: 2016-07-13