Health Promotion Research Grants

The health promotion research program provides grants for research leading to the promotion of good health and the prevention of illness in the community. Healthway encourages innovative research projects and collaborative studies that foster the sharing of skills and expertise.

Research grants are generally awarded to researchers based in WA universities, and Healthway places a strong emphasis on supporting research with strong links to policy and practice. Applications are assessed on their potential to generate outcomes that will be translated into benefits for the WA community, as well as their alignment to Healthway’s health promotion priorities.

All applications for research grants undergo a peer assessment process and applications for the major Health Promotion Research Project Grants are additionally reviewed by up to four expert researchers working in similar fields from outside of WA. The rigorous assessment of applications ensures that Healthway continues to fund only high quality research that will add to knowledge on best practice in health promotion.

While research grant applications can be accepted in any area relevant to health promotion, proposals that address Healthway’s highest priority areas of alcohol, tobacco smoking control, good nutrition, physical activity, mental health promotion and indigenous health are particularly encouraged.

Categories of Health Promotion Research Grants available.

Guidelines for acknowledging Healthway Research Funding.

It is the responsibility of researchers and their administering institutions to ensure that Healthway funding is properly acknowledged in all publications and public announcements including newspaper articles.
This includes, but is not limited to, peer – reviewed papers, conference presentations and posters, technical reports, media articles and statements, and teaching/training resource materials.

For published work funded or partly funded by Healthway, the following wording is suggested:

“This program/study/research was supported by the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation(Healthway), through research grant (insert Healthway File Number).”

Last modified: 2014-08-07